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    Never forget

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    Jesus didn’t die for this

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  5. harry and niall like taking pictures together/of each other

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    © Mulga 2014, Otis the Owl, Posca on Canvas, 170 x 220 cm

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    An Ode to Otis the Owl

    He was the smoothest owl on the whole darn team
    And he made every shot with no effort it would seem

    And after he made a shot a little dance he would do
    And the kicks on his feet would come alive like a zoo

    B-ball was his game and he was quite good at it
    But being a smooth owl is how he got all his credit

    After the game all the chicky owls would come by
    Get his autograph and then fly away into the sky

    And the sunnies on his head made his presence electric
    And wearing them increased his skills from super to hectic

    The End


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    Just been to chipotle and I think I’m dead

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    Hmm, my lack of drawing equals #Art fix results. 10 hours of coloring fun time to finish off @gfillonramos’ commission piece. Thanks for letting me carry out your idea of all of the water #Pokémon starters in their respective evo-hoodies dancing. I always end up adding my own flare to things, so with that said, it had to be a #Breakdance #Cypher. Pun intended. Off to go conquer my liberal studies. Jeez I can lose myself easily. #Crayola #Illustration

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  10. Clauncher

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    Do you think I’m pretty?


  13. G.U.Y color palette.

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  15. Niall and Neymar (player for the Barcelona football team) today in Barcelona. (20/4/14)

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